Most influential and successful songs are from artists with real life experiences. C-Zer, an upcoming Hip Hop ‘power-house’ is making no bones about ‘Rappin’ it like it is. The contemplative Hip Hop artist is definitely a ‘show stopper’ with his magnanimous and impressive lyrics. His goal is to utilize his rapping skills to generate enough respect and cash to be the next Black Bill Gates of his time. According to C-Zer, the limping Hip Hop Community wants to be totally revolutionized into a more lucrative business; it is the side of Hip Hop that needs a fresh perspective. Although he writes continuously, lives to do music and is the CEO of his own music empire, his life has never been an easy one.

The Hip Hop singer, songwriter Jacques "CZer"Jean-Philippe was born February 13, 1983, in Haiti. Soon after his birth, Jacques’ family relocated to Brooklyn, New York where he lived for most of his life. His cousin, Jimmy "Jimbo" Rejouis, had been an inspiration to him as he had put aside his immediate problems to provide assistance, motivation and support for C-Zer who desperately needed his guidance. Believing that C-Zer had talent, he encouraged him to continue doing music as he had the musical ability and it made him happy. Often times, C-Zer would run away from home as he had great difficulties with his father of whom he had no functional relationship. Even though his father was always in his life, providing for the family and was liberal in executing discipline, to C-Zer there was a general disconnect. He was able to find solace in Jimbo who was more a father, friend and confidant especially when C-Zer needed him most. However, Jimbo’s advice was overshadowed by the strained father/son relationship that C-Zer was experiencing and one that had a major impact on the Hip Hop singer’s psyche. It was then that he turned to the streets of New York to escape his reality at home.

On the forefront, one of his older cousins, who ran the streets of New York, pushed and encouraged him negatively. He guided C-Zer to do things that no young man his age had any business doing. It was through those influences that C-Zer started getting into fist fights as he flung blows to block his father’s voice that was constantly saying, "You are not a good kid and you will be no good". Around that time, 12 years old C-Zer also begun ‘hitting’ the dangerous streets of New York, hanging with the ‘thugs’, partying and engaging in illicit behaviors that were often synonymous with the ‘territory’.

His association with the streets led him to a concert that had ‘Biggy’ Smalls as the headline artist. Although he grew up listening to Michael Jackson, R & B, Reggae, Rap and Haitian Music, that ‘Biggy’ concert that he hustled to get into at 12 years old, got him hooked on Hip Hop Music. It was at that concert that C-Zer realized he wanted to do Hip Hop. Soon after, he religiously began listening to Tupac, Biggy, and Snoop Dog emulating their every move. Believing he had talent, C-Zer started rapping and writing at every opportunity he got. In the background though, the hustling New York streets begun to ‘heat up’ with constant murders, rapes, drug dealings and almost everything illegal. As a result, his mother became worried and when her concerns for her son grew to epic proportions she decided to break her silence. The stay at home mother of two, took her son, sat him down and made clear her observations. She explained that she was no longer willing to watch as he spiraled out of control and suggested that he (C-Zer) go to Virginia to live with his cousin, until he was reformed. He agreed with his mother’s suggestions and left the New York streets for the ‘military state’ of Virginia.

After his cousin and role model Jimmy died in 2004 from medical complications, CZer’s world got smaller and a revolutionary attitude shift was realized. Now focused and driven, C-Zer searched and searched for someone to assist him in advancing his musical dreams but met up on many road blocks. The first hurdle was him being lied to by a producer who took his cash and promised to provide services such as ‘beats’, exposure and experience but to no avail. Another struggle he had in the music business was the fact that he kept listening to many different persons and their opinions on what sounded good or what didn’t, when they had little or no experience in the music business. He constantly got uninformed opinions which often led him nowhere.Eventually, C-Zer got more rigorous and through his efforts found Christina Grand, a Music Consultant from The Worldwide Elite Embassy. He located the Music Consultant on the internet and sent her a message telling her that he was interested in being a part of The Worldwide Hip Hop Music and Entertainment Embassy. She responded and since then, his Hip-Hop music career has been beaming with excitement. When asked, C-zer said that he is thrilled to be a part of an organization that is willing to provide assistance in his growth as an artist and as CEO of his own empire. C-Zer shared that he is able to have his input and make his own decisions as it relates to the improvement(s) of his image and overall career and he is absolutely enjoying being in charge. He also declared that he opted to partner with The Worldwide Hip Hop Music and Entertainment Embassy opposed to signing with a management company or record label as he wanted to be in full control of his life’s work.

The New York Hip Hop artist is now in the developmental aspect which is phase two of his career launch with the organization. The six feet five inches "Hip Hop Giant" is elated to be working with various international producers from USA, Jamaica, and the UK as well as experienced industry consultants. Upcoming artists working with international producers who is also able to add his input on how his "beats" are to be created, is almost unheard of in the music industry, but for C-Zer, his partnership with the organization is affording him great opportunities.
C-Zer is working relentlessly on becoming the first ‘Black Bill-Gates’ of his time and is busy putting in the work to make that a reality. He writes religiously to improve his lyrical potency and is determined to throw ‘lyrical blows’ at bad influences within the music fraternity. With songs like ‘My Time’, ‘Stop Grillin’, ‘I Remember’ and the last words from his motivator ‘Jimmy’ looming in his ears, C-Zer is optimistic that he will become a Hip Hop sensation in the not too distant future.